Singapore construction noise


Residents on how their quality of life affected by ‘terrible noise’ from North-South Corridor construction SINGAPORE — On Wednesday (Jan ...
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Malaysia noise nuisance from power boost radios in cars

When traffic noise gets too loud for health

Thomson lives about 50 meters from a busy freeway that bisects Kuala Lumpur – one that has been increasingly used ...
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Beijing noise nuisance traffic noise tackled

China continues to tackle noise pollution in 2021-2025

BEIJING, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- China will continue to tackle noise pollution and improve the country's acoustic environment during the ...
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noise nuisance korea murder

Korea noise nuisance leads to attempted murder

SEOUL — A Incheon man will serve 22 years in prison for the attempted murder of three members of a ...
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No-Honking Days and Noise Barriers Aim to Quell Mumbai’s Cacophony

Activists say their efforts to quiet India’s financial capital can show the way for other loud places. Living in Mumbai ...
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Noida’s Twin Towers demolition, noisy ?!

It was the dogged pursuit of justice by a group of mostly senior citizens which led to the demolition of ...
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