SoundPLAN Essential course

Our SoundPLAN Essential course is available online in Udemy where students can learn the fundamentals of environmental noise modelling, as well as how to create noise models with SoundPLAN Essential 5.0. You will create a road and railway noise case in the tutorial, as well as a construction noise case. There is no prerequisite for the only course, although basic knowledge of physics and sound will help.

This course is created for:

  • New SoundPLAN Essential users
  • Environmental engineers
  • Acoustical engineers
  • Noise control engineers
  • University students
  • And anyone who is interested in environmental noise calculation

Course description:

Environmental noise has been a problem especially in cities as well as industrial sites. To ensure compliance with the noise limits, noise levels need to be calculated during the design phase in many types of project. The easiest, most accurate and time-efficient to do noise prediction is by using a noise modelling software.

This course introduces you to Environmental Noise Modelling and its application using SoundPLAN Essential 5.0. You will get some knowledge in environmental noise as well as two tutorials in using SoundPLAN Essential 5.0. By  the end of this course, you are expected to be more confident and skillful in using SoundPLAN Essential 5.0 as your tool to predict environmental noise.

See you in class!